What To Expect

Due to COVID-19, movie theaters have been forced to close. What was once a staple past time for students has now become all but obsolete. The good news is that it has forced all kinds of businesses to analyze and adapt. Movie theaters are no exception. Because they are unable to operate as they normally do, they have become creative in other ways to offer the great movie theatre experience. One of these ways is that they offer the opportunity to "rent out" the theatre for one low cost rate. Then, you have the opportunity to pick a movie from their pre-arranged list and you can enjoy that movie with your friends and family all to yourselves. Depending on how many students we have, our plan is to rent out two theatres, and simultaneously show two movies. This will be a great opportunity for your student to make friends and enjoy fellowship outside of the church walls!

**Please be aware this is a TENTATIVE event based on the availability of the movie theatre.


Student Ministry Paperwork

We want to make sure your student is safe at every event. To attend one of our events here at FBC, we need to have a copy of each of these forms on file. Click on the blue circle to download each form. You can fill them out online, or print them out and return them to our offices. The "Release of Liability Form" must be notarized before turning it in. If you have any questions, you can contact us using the form on our "students" page. 

Dress Code & Behavior Policy

Release of Liability Form

Medical Information and Authorization Form

Driving & Participation Release Form

Pajama Movie Night Location